Our products

We have divided our assortment in 4 segments to make sure we can serve all people loving plants. 

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Exclusive segment:

We offer a handpicked collection of unique and beautiful plants that are not commonly found in the market.
Rare segment:

Our Rare Segment is a treasure trove of rare and hard-to-find plant species that will ignite your passion.
Commercial segment:

For plant enthusiasts with a penchant for fashionable and sought-after greenery, our Commercial Segment is a haven of choice. Discover a vast selection of plants that are in high demand and align with the latest trends.
Retail segment:
Explore our extensive assortment of plants, carefully curated to cater to all your green desires. From exquisite and unique specimens to rare treasures and trendy favorites, we have it all. With high volumes available, you'll never run out of options.

Our Hoya

  • IMG_5809
  • IMG_5812
  • IMG_5815
  • IMG_5814
  • IMG_5818
  • IMG_5820
  • IMG_5827
  • IMG_5829
  • IMG_5834
  • IMG_5836
  • IMG_20230422_161846
  • IMG_20230422_155303
  • IMG_20230422_162303
  • IMG_20230422_162459
  • IMG_20230422_162335

Our Aglaonema

  • Aglaonema Creed 12cm pot
  • Aglaonema White Lance Big Pot 03
  • Aglaonema White Lance Big Pot 02
  • Aglaonema Creed Fire 12cm pot
  • Aglaonema Creed Fire leaf
  • Aglaonema Creed leaf
  • Aglaonema FLN011 Big Pot 01
  • Aglaonema FLN011 Big Pot 02
  • Aglaonema Green Lady 12cm pot
  • Aglaonema Green Lady leaf
  • Aglaonema Lipstick Pink 12cm pot
  • Aglaonema Lipstick Pink leaf
  • Aglaonema Silver Queen 12cm pot
  • Aglaonema Silver Queen Big Pot 01
  • Aglaonema Silver Queen Big Pot 02

Our Scindapsus

  • IMG_0042
  • IMG_0034
  • IMG_0035
  • IMG_0038
  • IMG_0039
  • IMG_0041
  • IMG_0032
  • IMG_0030
  • IMG_0029
  • IMG_0028
  • IMG_0027
  • IMG_0025
  • IMG_0023
  • IMG_0022
  • IMG_0022