Welcome to our greenhouse, where a 28-year journey of resilience and transformation began with a Dutch entrepreneur, Clemens Wittenberg. Armed with determination, he traveled to Indonesia, using his house as a down payment to forge an incredible company. Starting with a neglected chicken farm, tainted by poultry pollution, Clemens transformed it together withe Erik, Joost and the rest of the team into a tropical plant paradise. Through political upheavals and personal challenges, his persistence prevailed. The Farm stands today as a testament to unwavering commitment—taking care of family and delivering top-quality products. Explore the story, where perseverance and passion have blossomed into a thriving company amid Indonesia's landscape.

PT Florion is currently located at the base of Mount Pangrango, situated at an elevation of 625 meters above sea level, providing an ideal environment for our greenhouse operations.
Greenhouse Facilities:
Our current greenhouse area spans 62,259 square meters, spread across 25 separate greenhouses. These greenhouses are equipped with plastic roofing, insect netting, and shading nets to ensure optimal growing conditions for our plants. We take pride in cultivating our crops on tables and in pots to guarantee the highest quality products.

Dedicated Workforce:
Our dedicated team consists of approximately 180 employees, with a remarkable 90% being talented women who contribute to our success in various roles.

Environmental Commitment:
At PT Florion, we are committed to environmentally responsible practices. Since 2015, we have proudly held an MPS ABC certification and have maintained an exceptional A+ score. Currently, we are actively working towards achieving MPS GAP certification to further our commitment to sustainability.

Convenient Logistics:
Our strategic location places us just 65 kilometers away from the nearest airport, ensuring efficient logistics and timely deliveries.